Trainers / Group X Instructors

  • Steven Torres - Director of Facility/Personal Trainer

    I am a certified personal trainer specializing in areas of weight loss, hypertrophy training, and all aspects of athletic performance and development. My experience is in creating custom routines to achieve your success by using functional exercise and sound nutritional planning. I am a graduate of Texas A&M University San Antonio with my Bachelors of Science degree in Kinesiology. I am also certified to teach Physical Education EC-12 in the state of Texas. Along, with my degree, I hold my TRX – Total Suspension Training and National Council of Strength Fitness Certification. Furthermore, I am hold a First Aid, CPR, and AED certification through American Heart Association. “I take pride in helping others reach their fitness/health goals, furthermore, a healthier lifestyle.” Accomplishments & Awards: Chicago Half Marathon, Marine Corp Marathon, Tough Mudder, and Alpha Warrior
  • Laura Weik - Personal Trainer

    EDUCATION/CERTIFICATION • NCCPT- National Council for Certified Personal Trainers • NESTA – National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association • Heart Zone Certified Trainer • Certified Kinesio Taping Technician • TRX Level 1 • CPR, AED, and First Aid Certified TRAINING PHILOSOPHY “There is no greater investment than yourself.” TRAINING SPECIALTIES • Weight Loss • Circuit Training • High Intensity Training • Motivation AWARDS/ ACHIEVEMENTS • Member: - National Technical Honor Society HOBBIES • Fitness • Trying new recipes • Time with family
  • Jeff Perez - Persaonal Trainer

    EDUCATION/CERTIFICATION • PFTA- Professional Fitness Trainer Association • NCEP- National College of Exercise Professional • NESTA – National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association • AFAA – Aerobic & Fitness Association of America • CPR, AED, and First Aid Certified TRAINING PHILOSOPHY “Do work, rest later!” Results take dedication, determination, being focused, and belief.” TRAINING SPECIALTIES • TRX Suspension Training • TRX Rip Trainer • Yoga • Pilates • Boxing • Kickboxing • Group Class (Large * Small) • Core Specialist AWARDS/ ACHIEVEMENTS • Husband & Father of the year ( past 5 years and still running) HOBBIES • Sporting Activities ( all types) • Family time • Music • Camping • Fishing
  • Marty Lewis - Personal Trainer

    EDUCATION/CERTIFICATION • NASM Certified • CPR/AED Certified TRAINING PHILOSOPHY “Strive to reach your goals! Train as if there is no tomorrow! Give 100% effort! TRAINING SPECIALTIES • Strength/Endurance Training • Body Building • Competitive Body Sculpting AWARDS / ACHIEVEMENTS • 1st place Texas Shredder Classic - (Novice Light Weight BB) • 2nd place Texas Shredder Classic - (Open Light Weight BB) HOBBIES • Body Building • Cooking • Watching Re-runs of House
  • Brooklyn Castillo - Personal Trainer

    EDUCATION/CERTIFICATION • RN BSN, West Chester University • AFAA Certified Personal Trainer • Certified Zumba Instructor • BLS Certified TRAINING PHILOSPHY • A healthy, fit body is the product of lifestyle changes not fad diets and gimmicks. • Favorite motivational quote; “If you’re going through hell, keep going…” -Winston Churchill TRAINING SPECIALTIES • Weight Training • Bootcamps • Functional Training • Kickboxing • Zumba • Sprint/Endurance Training • Flexibility • Bikini division competition prep AWARDS / ACHIEVEMENTS • Army Physical Fitness Award 1999 - 2006 • Austin Rock N Roll Marathon 2008 ~ Half • Austin Rock N Roll Marathon 2009 ~ Half • San Antonio Rock N Roll Marathon 2013 ~ Half • World Championships Kuk Sool Won, Houston, TX 2008 ~ Gold Medal Sparring, Bronze Medal Forms • NPC West Texas Classic 2010 ~ 5th Bikini • Musclemania Texas Lonestar 2010 ~2nd Fitness Model, 4th Bikini • Musclemania Texas Fort Worth 2010 ~ 3rd Fitness Model, 3rd Bikini • Musclemania Texas Galveston 2012 ~ 4th Fitness Model, 4th Bikini • NPC Adela Garcia Classic 2012 ~ 3rd Bikini • Six:02 Fit Crew Member HOBBIES • Running • Obstacle Races • Baking • Latin dancing with my Hubby • Painting/Sketching • Sleeping
  • Chris Parkerson - Personal Trainer

    EDUCATION/CERTIFICATION • Graduated B.S Kinesiology from Arizona State University Magna Cum Laude • CSCS Certified • TPI Fitness Level 1 Certified TRAINING PHILOSPHY “My philosophy is about my client. I adapt the many principles of health, fitness, strength, speed, posture, balance, athletic skills and preparation, corrective exercise and pain suppression, weight loss, conditioning, and nutrition to fit the needs of my client!” TRAINING SPECIALTIES • Sport Specific/Biomechanics • Corrective Exercise • Posture & Postural Stability • Mobility • Weight Loss/Body • Composition • Juniors & Athletic - Skill Development • Motor Control AWARDS / ACHIEVEMENTS • University of North Carolina at Pembroke - College Baseball Player • Customer Service Excellence • Black Belt Aikido/Aiki-Bujitsu HOBBIES • Spending Time with family • Golf • Martial Arts • Day trips • Hiking
  • Thomas Mata - Personal Trainer

    EDUCATION/CERTIFICATION • Doctoral of Physical Therapy Student at the University of the Incarnate Word • Graduate Certificate of Organizational Development from University of the Incarnate Word • Master’s Healthcare Administration from University of the Incarnate Word • Bachelor’s Biology from University of the Incarnate Word • Associate of Applied Science from Northwest Vista • NESTA PFT • CPR-BLS TRAINING PHILOSOPHY “Where there is a will, there is a way. Never give up on your dreams and push yourself to success. I train my clients with the utmost care, respect and most beneficial improvements possible to their individual needs.” TRAINING SPECIALTIES • Injury Prevention • Weight Loss • Strength Training • Conditioning Training • Flexibility • Cardiovascular Training/Conditioning • Sport Specific Training • Motor Skill Development • Wellness Coaching • ROM Development AWARDS/ACHIEVMENTS • Commissioned United States Army Officer • Presidential Academic Achievement Award-UIW • Bodybuilding/Physique Competitor HOBBIES • Health and Wellness • Family • Community Health • Movies
  • Aleda Godfrey - Personal Trainer

    EDUCATION/CERTIFICATION • NCCPT – National Council for Certified Personal Trainers • TRX Suspension Training Certified • First Aid Certified TRAINING PHILOSPHY • “Achieving your fitness goals can be very difficult and it’s easy to want to give up. As your personal trainer, I will hold both you and myself accountable in your body transformation journey.” TRAINING SPECIALTIES • Bikini/figure contest prep • TRX – Suspension Training • Cardio Training • Weight Training AWARDS / ACHIEVEMENTS • 6 yrs. experience in fitness industry • 30 lbs. weight loss ( Personal Achievement) HOBBIES • Working Out • Help women of all shapes & sizes - transform their bodies
  • Jose Enrique Sanchez - Personal Trainer

    EDUCATION/CERTUFICATION • ISSA- Certified Fitness Trainer • NCCPT- Certified Personal Trainer • TRX – Suspension Training Certified • Adult CPR/AED Certified TRAINING PHILOSOPHY • “ The physical and mental battles you fight through out high intensity resistance training and the battles you fight in life can only build a motivated and positive character. As your personal Trainer I will motivate and push you to your Goals. I will hold you and myself accountable in your body transformation journey.” TRANING SPECIALTIES • TRX – Suspension Training Specialized • High Intensity Weight Training • Cardio Training AWARDS / ACHIVEMENTS • 40lb Lean Muscle Gain (Personal Achievement) HOBBIES • Working out • Helping individuals in their fitness journey
  • Caleb Gaston - Personal Trainer

    EDUCATION/CERTIFICATION • NCCPT – National Council for Certified Personal Trainers • First Aid Certified TRAINING PHILOSPHY • The body achieves what the mind believes! • You don’t have to be great to start…. But you have to start to be great! • The only bad work out is a workout that didn’t happen! • There anit no rest for the wicked! • You want results they don’t come free! You have to put the work in first! • Don’t you quit on me because ill never quit on you! • If u want something in this life you have to just take it! Nothings given to you! TRAINING SPECIALTIES • Body Work Outs • Circuit Training • Cardio Training • Weight Training • MMA/Boxing and Muay Thai AWARDS / ACHIEVEMENTS • 10 yrs. experience in MMA Boxing and Muay Thai training • 4-0-0 cage fighting recorded • I won 6 different bull riding championships throw out 2006-2008 HOBBIES • Working Out • Cage fighting, • Bull riding • Golf • Dancing
  • Frankie Perez - Personal Trainer/ Studio Director (GX - Kickboxing / Sweaxy

    EDUCATION/CERTIFICATION • UTSA / Palo Alto/ Northwest Vista • N.C.C.P.T Certified / AFAA Kickboxing Certified • Mad Dog Cycle Certified/AED, and First Aid Certified TRAINING PHILOSPHY • “Beast it out…..” ……. “You gotta work hard to be hard…” • “All you have to do is try….”……. “Struggle through it…” TRAINING SPECIALTIES • Kickboxing • TRX – Suspension Training • Water Aerobics • Bootcamps • Cardio Training • Weight Training • Flexibility • Conditioning • MMA • Jujitsu • Crossfit AWARDS / ACHIEVEMENTS • Promoted to Group Ex Director - Your Fitness 365 Xtreme HOBBIES • Spending time with family • Baking • Dancing • Cooking • Singing • Working Out • Physical Challenges Indoor & Outdoor
  • Patricia Neil - Personal Trainer/ GX Spin / Crazy Cardio

    EDUCATION/CERTIFICATION • B.A. Interdisciplinary Studies • Personal Training Certification • Group Exercise Certification • Group Indoor Cycle Certification • First Aid, CPR, AED Certified TRAINING PHILOSPHY • “Show up and always give it your best. Never quit!!!” TRAINING SPECIALTIES • Core Strengthening • Cardio Conditioning • Body weight training • Strength Training • Circuit Training AWARDS / ACHIEVEMENTS • NPC South - Texas Showdown Competitor HOBBIES • Staying fit • Running • Mud Runs • Watching football
  • Lizette Jo Gamez - Personal Trainer / (GX -Super Strength/Ripped Class)

    EDUCATION/CERTIFICATION • Bachelor’s Degree in Biology from the University of Texas A&M of Corpus Christi • Certified Personal Trainer • Certified R.I.P.P.E.D Instructor • Certified Small Training Instructor • CPR Certified TRAINING SPECIALTIES • Strength & Conditioning • High Intensity Interval Training • Plyometric Training TRAINING PHILOSOPHY “If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you!” AWARDS/ACHIEVEMENTS NPC Competitor (Bikini Division) • Placed 4th at 2014 Alamo Showdown • Placed 5th at Lackland Classic HOBBIES • Workout, Fitness Competition, Helping others, and Take dog to park
  • Roslyn Nathonson - GX Spin Instructor

    Well being , health & fitness have always been a top priority in my life . My interest in the world of health began in Zimbabwe, Africa over 30 years ago, where I wrote a fitness & nutrition column each week for a local newspaper. My certifications include Schwinn Cycling Instructor, Aerobics&Fitness Association of America, "Dig Deeper" with Shaun T, CPR, AED & First Aid. My classes are challenging, fun and extremely motivating. I enjoy creating new music for each ride, music from different genres - there is something for everyone. My goal is to inspire and motivate riders to perform to the best of their ability and beyond. I see each class I teach as an adventure, and look forward to bringing each of you along for the ride, as part of our new launch of cycling.